Yianni and Elizabeth Wedding

I photographed Yianni and Elizabeth’s wedding last Saturday at the Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront and their reception at the Eau Gallie Civic Center in Melbourne, Florida. I am IN LOVE with Elizabeth’s dress (the whole thing but especially the back) and really enjoyed the Greek traditions of Yianni’s family during the celebration. Seriously, I have never seen that much food at any reception and Elizabeth’s friend and neighbor did a beautiful job decorating the large room herself. Every table had a unique but coordinating center piece, Greek influences everywhere and did I mention crazy amounts of baked goods? I took some pastry home and it was fabulous.
Almost dress time….

This sweetie is actually my daughter’s friend from school…

Yianni and Elizabeth are always having a good time, they truly enjoy each others company.

I’m not positive, but I got the feeling there might be a Gators/Noles rivalry in this marriage. I’m thinking that might have had some influence on Elizabeth’s chosen colors. Love the orange.

Another special part of this wedding was the father daughter dance. I really can’t explain why, but it was the sweetest I’ve ever seen. Elizabeth, post a comment with the name of the song please!

My ode to the reception.
Not only did they have Frederick THE entertainer, a terrific DJ,
but a Greek musician as well (dollars flying everywhere,) Greek dancers and crazy sorority sisters who in this picture are about to force me to taste Yianni’s “homemade” wine… my reaction was quite similar to hers there on the left. This recipe I think may still need a little tweaking… or a little less alcohol… or maybe its a Greek thing too sophisticated
for us Florida girls?

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