Vintage Halloween Wedding } Amy and Stan at the Eau Gallie Yacht Club!

Amy and Stan were married at the Eau Gallie Yacht Club.  The elegant, vintage Halloween inspired wedding was full of gorgeous details, which of course I love.  Amy shares my affection for etsy, as you’ll see in the images below, plus she had a wonderful team of vendors to create a beautiful wedding day (details at the bottom.) If you recognize this couple it’s because I’ve already been shooting their family since baby Nola was a newborn. The recent 4 month session was a blast! I seriously love this couple. I love how much fun they have together. I can tell they have demanding jobs and a busy lifestyle traveling all over the world quite often but when they are together, they have a way of letting go and just enjoying each other. There is never any shortage of laughter, as you’ll see their wedding day was no exception.

Stan proposed in New York City on his knee, during the quintessential carriage ride through Central Park.  Except it was very cold. And the driver was crazy. And Amy wasn’t feeling well. And Stan has a bad back.

But he wanted it to be perfect, and romantic.  And in the Amy and Stan kind of way, it was.

Enjoy reliving your wedding day guys!

And for everyone else planning your wedding right now, be sure to notice the:

Sahara roses on the centerpieces by Link at Eau Gallie Florist,

the uplights, dance floor monogram and draping all over the room and ceiling by Sophisticated Gents,

the amazing invitations and all things paper by Charlotte at Decoratifs,

Amy’s beautiful dress found at Meredith’s,

the delicious cake (a replica of Amy’s dress) and the amazing cupcakes by Mather’s Cake Shop in downtown Eau Gallie

and the Photobooth by National Entertainment Group.

Amy also had a coordinator for the day, Victoria from A Wedding to Remember.

P.S. three of Amy and Stan’s vendors are all located on the same street, can you guess who?

The Caramel Apple favors were from Kilwins.

Airbrush Makeup Application, Bangs Salon.

I would so choose this same bag. Love it.

Decoratifs carried the theme through all the printing. Beautifully.

Of course Stan danced down the isle!

What a beautiful and joyous ceremony!

Sidenote: it is becoming more and more difficult to capture a clear view with so many guests holding up their phones and cameras during the ceremony, sometimes getting out of their seats, etc. They don’t realize that they are compromising the bride and groom’s professional photography. I recommend asking your guests to unplug during the ceremony, including cameras, or at least to keep them at eye level.

Stunning Amy! And the bouquet by Eau Gallie Florist is beautiful too!

A cold front came through right around the time of the ceremony. It was a little windy but Amy and Stan were fine, these are two of my favorites above and below.

Stan you are so fierce.

The change of weather and the clouds provided a beautiful sunset.

Signature cocktails, an ice sculpture, plenty of masks and a fun photobooth made for a great reception.

The new bar at the EGYC is really nice, great addition to the room.

Many Blessings on your marriage Amy and Stan!

side notes: I won’t be blogging current sessions or weddings for the next week or so until I am finished with all holiday print orders! It’s that time of year when so many orders come in at once so I’ve got to prioritize those and get everything delivered. I hope everyone is enjoying the season! We had a super fun open house last weekend at the studio and I am so excited for Michelle and Charles Gaylord Palms / Royal Crest Room wedding this weekend, woot woot!

I’ll be back to posting lots of highlights from the last few weeks of sessions after everything slows down a bit, can’t wait there is so much to share!

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