Tropical Backyard Wedding Merrit Island FL } Lou and April!

Just like Laura from yesterday’s post, I’ve known April a very long time. She was one of the girls in a Young Life Campaigners group that I helped lead here many years ago when she was just in middle school. I really loved that group and during my first year of college even drove back from Flagler every other weekend to be home for it. After I moved back to Melbourne five years ago, I noticed an advertisement for surf camp in a doctor’s office and there was April’s picture. I was excited to at least email her and say hi. She had graduated from the University of Hawaii, was an accomplished surfer and even spent some time on an MTV surfing reality show. After she moved back to Florida, she opened Island Inspiration, home furnishings for fine island living. The store is located on Eau Gallie Blvd in Indian Harbour — you’ll get a good idea of what it’s all about just through her wedding images; everything was so beautiful!

April and Lou were married in their back yard on Merritt Island. April had told me about the tiki structures and their plans for the wedding but I don’t think I was prepared for just how awesome the property would be.  There’s really no sense in my trying to put it into words either since last time I checked, a picture is worth at least 1000? April was stunning in her sleek satin gown. Lou was cool, collected and handsome. I loved the burst of color on the bridesmaids and the flowers were absolutely gorgeous – arranged by April’s mom!  (Mom and Dad own Sun Harbor Nursery on Eau Gallie.) April and Lou skipped the wedding cake and had Petty’s catering provide both dinner and several dessert options. I had never seen Petty’s cater a wedding I shot and April had nothing but rave reviews for both the food and the customer service. All the tables and chairs were teak and I think that choice was key in keeping the atmosphere so gorgeous.

This image above is taken from the tiki April and Lou were married under, which has this fabulous waterfall and sits on the pond -it’s own little island. You’ll see straight across from this the white tent for the receptoin and the other tiki which housed the bar and dance floor. You can’t see the seating in this picture but that was off to the left of the tent. The guest house which sits further back on the river was used for the buffet set up. Guests had no choice but to enjoy every corner of the property!

1000 words.

This is my favorite view of the pond, facing due West toward the river, the stone walkway leading to the ceremony.

Seriously the cutest flower girl dresses ever! More like flower pixies!

How sweet is dad?!

LOVE THIS MOMENT,  it is always the unplanned ones…

Ann was in Young Life too and she is still just as cute!

I’ve seen people entering their kids into Gap Model contests… this little guy gets my vote!

I can tell April and Lou really have fun together… so cute

I didn’t use much BW in this post because the color is so lush but this one felt so nostalgic to me… I couldn’t resist.

Inside the guest house where the buffet was set up – notice the Island Inspirations… April can I vacation in the guest house? Just me, a book and that awesome bath tub…


North side of the pond…

I took these walking back to my car… just spectacular, and all in the backyard.

I believe April and Lou are considering making the property available for rent for a select number of events/weddings per year. I’ll pass along the info as it becomes available.

Watch the slideshow… Many Many Blessings April and Lou!

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  1. What a beautiful wedding!! I’ve been in Melbourne my whole life and have always dreamed of a tropical backyard wedding just like this. Now that I’ve found my prince charming I’m searching for venues! Have they decided to make it available for rent?

  2. Loved this post. Did the couple ever decide to open their property as a venue? I am getting married in Satellite Beach this coming Summer and want to get married in my uncle’s back yard which is on a canal. April and Lou’s property is beautiful and big and would be a great spot for us. Thank you!

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