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The Engagement

Engagement parties are often hosted by the bride’s parents. If it is more practical for the groom’s parents to host a party, they may do so instead. The invitations say that the event is being held in honor of the couple, although they do not usually mention that it is honor of the engagement.  The guests will undoubtedly figure it out on their own.

If  an engagement is being announced at an engagement party, neither the bride’s name nor the groom’s name should appear on the invitation, as that would likely give away the surprise. The invitations read as though they are not for any special event other than to enjoy the company of family and good friends.


Engagement Party Hosted by Friends of the Parents

When an engagement party is hosted by friends of the parents, the invitations are issued by the hosting friends so their names appear on the first line of the invitation. The parents’ names are not mentioned.

Invitations to Meet the Bride or the Groom

In lieu of an engagement party or in addition to one hosted by the bride’s parents, a party to meet the bride or the groom may be in order. If, for example, the bride’s parents held an engagement party in New York and the groom’s parents in California want to host a party as well, they may host a party to “meet” the bride. This party gives family and friends an opportunity to get to know the bride before the wedding. The party is in the bride’s honor and the invitations should allude to that.

Tiny tip 1:

Did you know stationery is one of the most commonly misspelled words?

Stationery: Writing materials – specifically paper and envelopes

Stationary: A person or thing that is not moving

Tiny Tip 2:

Most people don’t realize there are two different spellings for this word!

Fiancé:  The man to whom a woman is engaged

Fiancée: The woman to whom a man is engaged


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