Hilton Oceanfront Wedding – Spacht Levinsky

Ahhhh, I am now entering my very first official blog entry to the new site! After it went live, I had some problems getting back into the admin area.  Last night at 2am I got it fixed -woo hoo!  So I have this next entry all set to go and directly following it I hope to get the Verduin family up here!

I met Kristin and Isaac back in January when they decided to book their wedding photography with me.  They met in college up north and both headed down here to FIT for grad school.  Kristin works for Disney in video productions.  You can tell this couple really has fun together, they are both such sweet, lighthearted people!  They were married at the Indialantic, FL Hilton Oceanfront and had their reception there as well. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with their plans.  They were able to be married outside before it started raining too hard but then we came inside for pictures.  This is something every bride (planning an outdoor wedding or even just hoping for outdoor photography) worries about and although it is not ideal, the day is still about your decision to spend your lives together, and celebrating that can happen inside, outside or anywhere!  Kristin and Isaac went with the flow and had a great time on their big day.  Just a little mention here for Vanessa at Just Cakes as well as Lee Forrest Design Florist – Awesome job!

Loved the boutineers.

Babies with chubs are my fave.

How proud is she?  I noticed both families seemed very supportive and tight knit.  I don’t normally have as many “groom getting ready” shots that I love so much but Isaac had the help of two grandfathers, mom and dad, grandma and more which made it so sweet.

A properly folded hankerchief takes skill.  I know I didn’t spell that right.

I love this above.  A big fave.

See how fun they are?! The best part is even the grandparents had the glasses and danced around.  Then danced all night!  You’ll see.

“Don’t stop, believin, hold on to the feelin’ Streetlights, People………….!”

Most Rockin grandparents ever.

Good times!

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