The Endless Summer Wedding | Chris and Jennifer’s big day!

Jennifer and Chris are such super cute newlyweds – I am so excited to share with you their wedding day! AND, if you didn’t catch their engagement session don’t be afraid to take a trip back down memory lane because there is plenty of sweetness there too!

Jenn and Chris were married at the Derby Street Chapel near Cocoa Village. I LOVE this church. It is the best thing around if you have a guess list under 100 (that’s an estimate) and if the location works for you. Not only is it bright and airy with beautiful windows and plenty of character but there’s something about this chapel that every wedding photographer from here to Whoknowswhere would write home about. Or at the very least text someone about. I’m giving away a prize to whoever guesses it correctly first -details below!

The reception took place on the beach deck of the Crowne Plaza. Love that location for beach weddings! Jenn and Chris had shared with me when we first met about their vision for a surf themed wedding, something with a vintage style -similar to The Endless Summer (love that movie!) They were even hoping to find a classic woody to rent for transportation and sure enough they found the perfect one and it even came with an awesome driver! There were plenty of fun details in this event but as usual the bride and groom plus their friends and family took center stage. SUCH nice people, so much love and so much fun on their wedding day! Enjoy some highlights here, complete vendor list at the bottom…

There was a little rain storm that started just as the bride came down the isle and ended before they were pronounced husband and wife. If you ask me that is nothing but awesome since a little weather usually gives you an even more beautiful evening later on!

This might be my favorite recessional shot ever. They are so cute!


Super fun right? Congrats to Jenn and Chris, I really enjoyed your Opening Night at the studio and hope you did too!

Oh yes and the PRIZE I referred to at the top… It’s a hard one so if I have to give hints I will – leave your comments right here on the blog (below) and the first to figure it out (no cheats if I already mentioned it to you!) will receive a $10 Starbucks card! Because really who doesn’t love Starbucks and especially who doesn’t love free stuff? Shout out to all my fellow caramel macchiato fans (hot not cold!) and oh-my-gosh how heavenly is a petite vanilla scone — and don’t EVVVVEN get me started on the salted caramel squares!  Unfortunately though, I’m usually forced to go with my standard Grande Regular Coffee 2%, 2 sugars. It’s a calorie thing. Calories are mean little devils always wrecking my fun.



Derby Street Chapel

Crowne Plaza Oceanfront

Sue Ann’s Bakery

DJ Shane

Aurora Bridal

Petals Florist

Hey Jenn – give us the info for your car rental in the comments below!