Thanks to the encouragers | A sweet wedding note to share

I think we’re all familiar with the fun of receiving a handwritten envelope in the mailbox. The best part for me is opening it up to find real life stationery inside with actual INK taking the form of  this little known thing called cursive… It’s a breath of fresh air, a moment to pause and enjoy – right?  Oh please tell me it’s not all crickets out there right now, that I’m not the only one!  So to then read the script and find these words of encouragement, a note of thanks but completely uncalled for…  After all, it’s my job to do my best, a position this encourager hired me for, something she invested hard earned dollars in…  (I know I’m using punctuation loosely here while at the same time praising the written word – bear with me.)

I just wanted to share because it made me feel so good. I know there are those out there with this gift, this way of offering thanks, encouragement, praise, so earnestly that it builds people up – even inspiring the recipient to be better, to shoot higher.  And this is not the only time a client has been so kind to me; I’m simply blessed to work with wonderful people.

So I do feel inspired and I’m thankful for the thank you and I want to be an encourager too.



Thanks Sandy.  You’re pretty awesome.