St. John’s Episcopal Church and Tortoise Island Clubhouse } Mark and Erika’s Wedding!

I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of Mark and Erika back in February. Erika and I have been friends forever and Mark is a super nice guy.  Plus he graduated with us too which makes him even better.  Before I repeat a bunch of stuff here, you can read more about Mark and Erika under their engagement session. Which seems like forever ago! Ha I just read over it and see that she was freaking out then about the entry just like she is now. It is seriously killing my joy in sharing these!  But I am hanging on bc I know you will love them and I’m hoping Erika will realize there is nothing to worry about.  She looked amazing, her dress was awesome, end of story. Plus last time I checked my blog isn’t exactly a national publication… And, just to be fair, I’ve even included a picture with me in it. I don’t like my crooked nose or smile, my eyebrows that seem to be half missing and my shirt that for some reason totally looks like it has nascar sleeves. But, I’m putting it out there because I know you don’t care and we all have our ish-shoes. The important thing about photography is to remind you how you felt – in that moment. For all of us, it is important we look past the chance to critique ourselves because we would miss the point; we would miss the chance to remember.

Mark and Erika were married at St. John’s Episcopal Church where my good friend Rev. Eric Turner is the pastor.  The church is right in the Eau Gallie Arts District near my studio.  The reception was held at the Tortoise Island Club House in Satellite Beach which as you’ll see looked beautiful in copper and black.  Erika has been determined to have all her pictures taken at night as you’ll see between her engagement and wedding portraits.  It didn’t matter how many times I told her she might like the flexibility that daylight offers. That’s what happens when friends are like family, they ignore you.  But, she is right that the night time shots are definitely a fun change of pace.  I can’t find her list of vendors so although I know a few of them I’ll need her (ahem) to post below what I don’t know (cake, hair, gown, florist etc.) Here’s what I do know…

DJ Shane (my favorite DJ and for many very good reasons that can make your reception and your photography great)

Villa Palma Restaurant  (Erika’s family owns Villa Palma and the authentic Italian food is to die for — Indialantic on A1A behind Long Doggers)

Well, that’s all I can remember for sure but Erika is going to fill in the blanks in the comment section!

PS> my pics are in ramdom order –sorry! Pretend I did it on purpose! It’s a creative thing…

Loved the cake, the toppers are salt and pepper shakers by one of Erika’s favorite designers!

I adore everything about this one above.


As you are planning your wedding and you think you might not want to do the napkin game, keep in mind how much fun people have with it after cocktail hour…

my eyebrows are so pathetic. but life goes on.

I wish my friends super happy everything from now until forever. And at times when life isn’t super happy, I wish them the peace and comfort that comes from being in it together.

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