Robin and Michael | Vero Beach Wedding Photography

Robin and Michael planned a gorgeous, classic Vero Beach wedding. Although Robin is from Merritt Island and Michael from Tampa, this was a destination weekend for them as they have relocated to the DC area since meeting in college. Thankfully for some of their Melbourne guests, it was only an hour away from home!

I loved all the elegant yet simple elements of this day, the blush tones and pops of tropical green, the lush hydrangeas and peonies, the personal touches and the emphasis on family tradition. I think Robin has my new favorite bouquet so be sure to scroll down to see that and her lace Essense of Australia gown was so delicate – just perfection. The day actually started out raining but the skies cleared just in time for a window of portraits outside at the Moorings Club. Then we snuck out of the reception for a few sweet moments right as the last remnants of light disappeared below the horizon.

Oh, and during the ceremony- seriously, I have never seen a groom look at his bride with such a devotion. I mean, we must have ten different shots of Michael gazing at Robin with such sincere adoration I was blown away by it. I don’t think he ever looked away from her. Sooooo sweet.

So much thanks to Robin and Michael for choosing Angel Gray Photography!

All the vendors who came together to make this a beautiful day are listed at the bottom of this post. Special thanks to my second shooter Devon Simpson who not only captured many beautiful images but also held umbrellas, drove golf carts and moved kayaks out of the way when we didn’t want them in the shot. What a guy.


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