Pelican Beach Wedding Satellite Beach FL – Alicia and Sam!

Alicia and Sam were married at Pelican Beach in Satellite Beach, FL.  They are high school sweethearts and have been together ever since. You can see their engagement session here which included their adorable little girl who of course you’ll see in all the wedding pictures as well.  I can’t get enough of her.

The wedding was very pretty, the weather was crisp but not freezing and everyone had a great time!  Alicia worked on all the decor herself (which you’ll see below was awesome.)  Her caterers were Executive Catering, her florist was Emma’s and her cake was Publix.  You don’t really need a link to Publix right?  I mean really, you should go in person.  It’s a wonderful place.

Pretty right? Emma’s did a beautiful job with the mason jars, the sodas Alicia found at Cracker Barrel and the odds and ends came from various places on Etsy and Ebay. Alicia baked the cookies wrapped individually in the suitcase. They told me to make sure I had one.  I said “Oh, thank you.” What I was really thinking was “You bet I am. I’m waiting until I’m sure there are plenty and if it turns out there isn’t I’m going to cry all the way home.”  There was a brownie baked inside a chocolate chip cookie. There were plenty so I didn’t have to cry.  Soooo yummy!

I met Alicia at her home for getting ready then we stopped in her neighborhood on the way to the beach for a few pictures.

Sam’s mom is an artist and provided this beautiful drawing and I can’t remember where Alicia got the idea for the unique “guest book” but it turned out great!

Eco-friendly confetti via Etsy.  This pic is a new favorite of mine.  I want to see this kid again and photograph him.  Please find him for me and be sure he doesn’t cut that hair.

Sorry Alicia, I know this is a random photo and you weren’t “ready”.  It would have in some situations been deleted off.  But I can’t get enough of how Sam is looking at you.  Don’t we all want someone to look at us that way when we don’t even know it? I think she ate a few hundred of these that night.  Usually while running.

Congrats Alicia and Sam!!!!

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