TRASH THE DRESS – Noel and Matthew

Whose to say your wedding dress needs to sit in your closet?  Whose to say you need to schedule sessions like Trash The Dress directly after your wedding?  I love that Noel and Matthew waited a year (and a half?) to book this shoot. Never mind that we rescheduled at least three times; we got it done and it couldn’t have been better!  Even if you’re not familiar with trash-the-dress, you’ve probably seen images of brides jumping into the water with their wedding dress on,  riding horses, painting, etc. etc.  For Noel and Matthew’s session we tried to stay away from anything cliche’ and stick to having fun and incorporating some great accessories and props Noel piled into her car (you’d be surprised how much she can get in her car- it’s a talent she has been perfecting for many years.) Of course I have my own van-full-o-props as well.  The basic idea and the reason why these images are fun to look at is to take something formal into an informal environment.  The contrast is fabulous.  The shoot is less of the candid and more artistic design. Of course I can’t help but snap away during those times of natural expression, be it laughter or quiet moments. We used three locations, and just had a blast.  Enjoy!

First stop… power plant

After that we went to this other location, I call it “Hey look there’s a good spot -pull over!”


Then, we gave Matthew a turn again…

I can’t decide which of those three above I love best. Scrumptious Noel. But I do know for sure that this one below is my fave of Noel… I’m guessing Matthew will agree?

This one I will add to my image of Chad and Khara in front of the semi truck and start a collection of American Gothic-ish stuff. So fun and I have no idea how a collection like that would come together for me… I’m not very americangothic-ish… or maybe it’s something I’m repressing and I’ve got to let it out… who knows but I’m guessing you don’t care so I’ll move on…

It is killing me that this is a favorite of mine because I so want the candelabra in my favorite!

Oh but this is a contender too…. smokin Noel! Tell this girl to give you sexy and she delivers!

Also, tell her to come back from the car for a few more on this cool pile of broken concrete and she also delivers… and with a wardrobe change no less.

This one (above) should not even be on the blog.  I’m positive it was an exposure check while Noel and Matthew were getting situated.  I can’t talk myself out of loving it though.  The focus is not that sharp, the image has nothing amazing I can put my finger on.  I just like it.  So there.

gorge u lous.

Matthew can give you sexy too…

Good Times!! If you missed Noel and Matthew’s King Center Wedding you can view it here, there are two entries!

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