Modern Wedding Photographer } Blake and Meghan’s beach wedding at the Hilton!

Meghan and Blake are from New Jersey but decided to get married here in Florida. I believe Meghan’s brother is at FIT and her family just fell in love with the area (who wouldn’t right?)  Well they might not love August. I love Florida but I don’t really love August.  My husband is from New York and says August is great up there. So there you go.  After seven years of dating, Blake and Meghan were excited and ready to tie the knot.  It all started when Blake dated Meghan’s sister for one week in middle school. Okay so it didn’t really start there but it is a cute little side note right? Then somewhere between middle school and the Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront, Blake proposed to Meghan in front of her grandparents. Awwww. But really, that’s brave.  Meghan’s grandparents have been married something like 65 years, so they are an inspiration to Blake and Meghan and surely their entire family.  Enjoy the highlights below!

(This blog entry is going to appear to be much longer than usual but only because we shot the engagement session just a couple days before the wedding so I’m including it here. Also, I’m not pairing up images to save room… So much to blog this week so I’m skipping that step plus I know Meghan can’t wait to see her pictures!) Don’t forget to notice the terrific color scheme they have going for the engagement shoot and the lacey texture on the bottom of Meghan’s dress doesn’t hurt either!  Beautiful!

Love those three as a series!

Guys, seriously, great job!

I am really a sucker for getting-ready memories and I just loved Meghan’s!

Link at Eau Gallie Florist (I know, I read your mind.)

Love love love this color combo and these monochromatic bridesmaid bouquets!

As is sometimes the case for an outdoor wedding, we had some pretty stressful weather concerns. Thankfully the weather held out for the ceremony, but half way through family portraits I felt we needed to stop everything and move into bride and groom on the beach before the rain came.  Obviously family pictures are important but I knew Meghan would be heart broken if we didn’t get her shots on the beach with Blake (they had not elected for a first look.)  So thankfully, we had enough time to capture some great moments then run not walk inside as the storm came upon us. We finished up portrait time inside the Hilton while the reception was moved from the deck to a ballroom. DJ Shane really went the extra mile setting up his entire system twice and he did it with a smile. Great DJ!

The lobby was crowded with wedding guests so we actually shot this in a hallway and I really like it! Plus I couldn’t resist this shot of Meghan adjusting her hair piece in the mail room while she waited for the ballroom to be ready. You can see that the rain did not spoil her day!

So loved Meghan’s dad. Sweet guy!

The aforementioned grandparents… and Blake.

Anyone who has ever worn a wedding gown will know what’s going on here…

And sparklers with no crazy accidents is always a great way to end a beautiful evening!  Congrats to Meghan and Blake -you guys are so sweet and I wish you all the best!

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