Melbourne FL Engagement Photography | Alex & Craig Pi Day Wedding

I honestly don’t know where to start with these guys but most importantly I’m suggesting you all go and make friends with them because I have a feeling there is a FUN wedding coming this March that you’ll want to be on the guest list for! At the very least you could volunteer for parking attendant…

I loved Alex from the first time we met in the studio. She’s happy, easy going, pretty much up for anything and just a genuinely kind person. When she told me about some ideas she had for the engagement session (and I don’t mean the I-saw-this-on-Pinterest kind of thing) I knew it was going to be great but I didn’t realize so good that I’d have to split the blog post! Yep I’m dividing this engagement shoot into two entries because they each deserve their own spotlight. These moments are too good to just rush right through! I hope you’re as excited as I am right now…

We started with some pie. Because Alex and Craig will be married on pie day and because pie is yummy. (Thanks to Joan’ Perfect Pie my EGAD neighbor, for all the deliciousness.)

And pie is no good without champagne.

And champagne is no good without french macarons. (Le Macaron in Melbourne – just. too. good.)

And I haven’t even TOLD YOU about Craig! I can’t leave this guy out because he is the award winning groom of the YEAR! Let’s face it, most guys aren’t super thrilled about picture time. If us girls are lucky, they smile, behave nicely to the photographer and attempt to enjoy the process. If we’re really lucky they relax and have some fun. But then there’s Craig who let’s Alex feed him macarons on camera and that’s not all (watch for the next post.) Anyway, all the single ladies will want to marry him but it’s too late. OH AND HE’S A PILOT WHAAAAAAT. That doesn’t even compute. I’m just saying, engineer types are not always this much fun. Alex you picked a winner but you already know that.

And they had a whole gang of friends and family over just hanging out and helping! It was a full crew, a traveling party. Because most of the help was for the boating. (Alright so you know what’s next…)

Alex and Craig are perfection together. And by perfection I mean happy.

Here’s to Pie Day and a wedding coming soon that will definitely be SWEET, and FUN.


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Thanks Alex and Craig! I’m the luckiest photographer ever to be working with you!