King Center Wedding – Matthew and Noel – Part ONE

Okay so you might call this “playing favorites” and I’d have to agree. Its what happens when I shoot a wedding of a dear friend which also includes a wedding party who did absolutely anything I asked, usually with more flare than I even imagined. So, there will be lots of examples below, but it will end with the ceremony, the rest I’ll post tomorrow-ish. Noel was my college roommate, my traveling companion in Europe and has been a great friend through life. While I said I didn’t care about getting married (then changed my mind at 22,) she’s always wanted to get married but hadn’t found the right guy – until now. Her expectations were quite high and I think guys were intimidated by how great she is. She’s a Christian, an artist, a teacher (working with autistic children) and an all around fun person! I wouldn’t say she waited for this day her whole life. She didn’t wait around. She experienced so many things she never knew she’d do or go, including working and living in Costa Rica, continuing education and so much more. She trusted God with her future even when that meant some seriously frustrated prayers. But in some ways she waited. She waited for Matthew, for a wedding night she knew would be special, for a marriage built on faith. That’s what made this wedding so fun. These two found each other and were so excited – overjoyed – to begin their lives together. There was no lack of enthusiasm in the day, no jitters, no reservations, just this sense of promise – God’s promise to take of us if we’ll just let Him.

King Center Wedding - Matthew and Noel The wedding and reception took place at the King Center in Melbourne, FL. It was fun to use the big dressing rooms! Courtney Klugel of Lather Salon did Noel’s hair.
King Center Wedding See what I mean, there was some serious enthusiasm going into this dress.

King Center Wedding Pictures That’s what friends are for.

Noel I told you you have a great neck!

King Center Wedding Photos Okay so her dad hung this swing just for Noel so she’d have a cute place for pictures. He is the sweetest dad! (next to mine of course)

King Center Wedding  Brevard County

King Center Wedding  Brevard County FL the ladies
King Center Wedding  I think Noel and the wedding gang spent over 2 days preparing the King Center. It looked fantastic with lots of organic, antique, and unique touches.
King Center Wedding Gang the guys.
King Center Wedding  Brevard County That’s right guys, I’m reclaiming it.

Circle gets the square.
King Center Wedding Reception Reception ready….
vows not….

King Center Wedding Pictures The curvy isle, while pretty, proved to be quite the challenge. Not only for me, but poor Matthew couldn’t really see Noel until she was almost there!

King Center Wedding Photography

King Center Wedding Ceremony

Stay tuned!!!!

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