Matthew and Noel – Part 2

Yay part 2 is here and this should complete the most images in any blog post, ever!
Noel is “totally gorge” as my daughter would say…
The WHOLE wedding party! First NON-wedding guest to email me the correct number of people in this pic wins a FREE 8×10!

serious comedy here folks

the ladies…

couldn’t decide which way I liked that one…

Noel made this nest for the ring bearer – A dorable!
dancing shoes… check
On top of the curvy isle for the ceremony, Noel and Matthew gave me my next challenge, a candle lit reception! Yes those ARE red aliens from outer space watching the first dance.
No expenses spared for this wedding.

I have a similar picture of Noel from our time in Ireland. She tried to chug an Irish Car Bomb which just ended up all over her. There was no guy licking it off though.
There’s that sweet Dad again.

That foxy lady Noel is dancing with is my good friend Michelle Robideaux Pent. She is a bonafide artist living in St. Augustine and the coolest chick ever…
She offers wisdom on the side. Check out her work here.

And my final challenge… Bride and Groom RUNNING through the sparkler tunnel!
Love you guys!

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