King Center Wedding | Brittany and Jamie

As I catch the blog up for 2014 weddings a little at a time, I’m happy to post Brittany and Jamie’s wedding today! I’ve known this couple for years because I’ve photographed their little boy Milo since he was a newborn. I remember Brittany telling me that Jamie proposed at a Green Bay Packers v Dophins game (their two teams) which I thought was fun and super cute. The couple were married at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Melbourne with a reception following at the King Center. I loved the gorgeous florals, the lush centerpieces and all the sparkle in this Gatsby inspired wedding. The chandeliers brought into the black box room were stunning as well. Thanks to Brittany and Jamie for choosing Angel Gray Photography!


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All the Details:

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

The King Center Events and Catering

Nave Events and Floral Design

Sophisticated Gents 

Karelina Sposa gown