Geoff and Leigh married at Windemere Inn

First of all, Geoff and Leigh are beautiful and happy and had beautiful happy people surrounding them on their wedding day. (cue R.E.M.) They were married two weeks ago and I am never that behind on blogging but I have had SUCH technical difficulties this week that I am ready to throw this computer into the ocean and pray for a shark to eat it just so it can be tortured as I have been tortured! Also, that would help me feel like I wasn’t littering, like when you consider throwing an apple core out the window and assuming a bird is going to eat it right up you feel okay about it. Not that I do that.

I can’t get my album software working and instead of just using photoshop or moving on (which is what I finally did) I spent the last 24hrs trying to get it to work! I like to post more than the average blog entry for weddings, simply because there is more than the average number of images to choose from and I really want you to get the whole story. For the past 6 months or so, I ‘ve been displaying them as custom designed album spreads which is fun for my wedding clients to see if they are ordering a book and I’m assuming more fun to look at this many pics that way! So, I was determined to make it happen and even now I have these little perfectionist voices in my head saying, “if you just try this, then you could still get the layouts done.” No not really voices but you know what I mean. I decided to just post all the pics so please forgive the literal length of the blog entry! You could just skip to the bottom for the video.

Leigh loved the huge bathroom and big jacuzzi tub at the Windemere Inn so I thought this would be a fun memory for her.

I loved her hair. So classic.

Leigh’s aunt provided her flowers and cake. Pretty much all of Leigh’s friends and family were here from Kentucky (including Leigh and Geoff btw.)

They had beautiful, breezy weather for their wedding day!

You know you’re getting married in Florida when you have to say, “Can you get my back?” before you walk down the isle.

How adorable is she? Who wouldn’t want to marry her?

Love this one.

I hope this is her mom (the leg) because it is precious!!

Can I please get wardrobe over here and give this kid a dress to match the wild flowers?
Oh wait, never mind.

What, you want to get married here too? Me too. Let’s all have a do-over.
Just call Beth Fisher, she is GREAT.


I think this is my new favorite wedding party photo.

It was actually “derby day.” All these Kentucky residents were in withdrawal but brought along their big hats anyway. I LOVED the big hats. There was more but I’ve already got over 40 images here so I’ll spare you.

I’m in love with this series of three here. What is that blooming flower called? It smells sweet and spring timey.

Another fave.

Reception time at Dijons. Love their room.

I decided that Kentucky girls are all cute and well dressed. Nothing against us Florida girls but we are a little too comfortable in our flip flops
(fyi: flip flops with some rhinestones are still flip flops.)

Oh my, would it be rude if I asked for a bite? Yes, probably would be.
Okay, count to three, move on.
Dear Fresh Mozzarella: I love you.

My favorite chandelier ever.

First one to guess the correct song that was playing during the photo above wins an 8×10.

Ahhh, just right. Beautiful day. Perfectly simple. See Leigh and Geoff’s engagement here.

The video can be seen in high resolution by clicking on the HQ in the bottom corner. 🙂

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