Florida Wedding Photographer } Sara and Eric in Melbourne Beach

Sara and Eric came down from NYC to be married in Sara’s home town of Melbourne Beach.  There are two couples this Spring who had me all teary eyed during our initial consult and Sara and Eric are one of them. Both of the couples have amazing stories that include details too personal to share here on the blog but let me just say that what gets me all smushy gushy is not only a beautiful story but stories that include both pain and joy, resulting in hope for us all. I love that about life in general but sometimes when you’re in the midst of the hard part it can be nearly impossible to see -or believe- in what might be around the corner.  We all love a good story, which might explain box office sales right?  Sure, the stories there are often unrealistic but certain elements mirror our lives and WE LOVE THAT PART. I’ve read a few books on this topic and even took a masters level class on it once (no I didn’t finish) which is part of the reason why my passion is to tell your story.  “Your. Story. Told.” –is more than a tag line, it has deep meaning to me!  I’ll list the books here in case you ever want a good read on the topic: EPIC: The Story God is Telling by John Eldridge (super short and easy but great read) and my favorite author Donald Miller’s most recent: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.

So Sara and Eric also have some pretty cool talent between them.  And they live in New York City -remember that part? sigh. I’d like to live there for just 6 mths except without kids which means I’ve lost my chance until they are all grown… only 15 more years…  Sara is a belly dancer and even appeared in the movie Enchanted!  She specializes in Eqyptian Belly Dancing and she’s a physical therapist by day.  Eric is an architect for Michael Kors and recently finished the new flagship store in Paris! Let’s plan for a vow renewal there okay guys? Or maybe just a trash the dress session or family pictures down the road… Shots of any kind near the Eiffel Tower will do for me.  My friend Noel and I spent a few days in Paris during the summer after we finished up at Flagler but a few days is far from enough of Paris!

Eric and Sara’s day started out at the Port D’Hiver Inn on Melbourne Beach, next we took a short detour onto the actual beach before ending up at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.  Sara said Yes to the Dress at Kleinfeld in Manhattan and I absolutely adored her choice. Green Turtle catered the reception and Sara arranged her own flowers. It was a beautiful day, enjoy!

Dear all brides: please have a pretty hanger for your dress. You can find fancy options on Etsy or really any classic wooden hanger like this is great!

I love the bud! Didn’t even notice it until I was looking at these images.

Sara and Eric had a really great First Look Experience which gave them a more relaxed time for pictures before the wedding as well as the chance to experience seeing each other for the first time in a more private setting.

As any of my clients will tell you I’m all about even lighting but loved the effect here on the left for something more edgy… rawrr

Sara’s veil made for some beautiful shots during the reception as well.

Best Wishes to Sara and Eric!!

P.S. Watch the facebook page for the announcement later today of a 24hr contest for a FREE seat in the June 25-26 Conquer Your Camera Workshop!

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