Hilton Oceanfront Wedding, Eric and Melissa

Ahhh, so glad to be typing right now unlike an hour ago when I started putting the images together for this entry — the second time around!  Computer glitches follow me like nobody’s business.  My husband says I have a computer-curse.  Whatever – it is totally not my fault right?!  This must happen to you too?!  So, here’s the good news, Eric and Melissa’s wedding day at the Hilton Oceanfront in Melbourne Beach Florida was beautiful.  They had gorgeous weather (okay a little windy but that is every day now if you’re on the beach.)  They had a great venue, good food and music, and they are just sweet people. Melissa booked their October wedding a year ago and good for her because this October was absolutely nuts as far as how many people were getting married at one time in this town!  I was booked for the month 10 months out so I had to say no to lots of weddings I’m sure would have been great.  I stick to 2 a month though even in busy season so that I can offer extra attention to my clients!  (And to have a few Saturdays at home with the family!)  It’s no secret that Eric and Melissa mixed things up by getting married first, honeymooning second and having the wedding third!  One reason they had their honeymoon before the wedding was Eric’s deployment being scheduled just days after their wedding day.  I could tell they made an effort not to think about the days ahead when they would be apart.  They were very much enjoying the moment and having a beautiful wedding day.  Check out their engagement session here.

I got some new blogging tools just to mix things up a bit and save me some time in the process so you’ll see I’m trying them out today for the first time (thus the glitch, errrr.)  At the bottom you can watch Eric and Melissa’s wedding slideshow!

Vendors: Maxines Salon (right next to my studio!) Simply Cakes, Sophisticated Gents, Events by Design, Sarah Walker @ TYG Weddings (video), and Hilton Oceanfront

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Congratulations to Eric and Melissa!

Just a note to remind everyone: the blog is updated now as I prepare your order rather than right after the shoot – with a few exceptions like out of towners, weddings, engagement sometimes…

:)I’ve got an engagement coming up and some family portraits!

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