Eau Gallie Yacht Club Wedding Melbourne | Matt & Kristina

Matt and Kristina were married in October but I’m just now getting some of the remaining 2014 weddings on the blog… happy to finally share these!

Although the couple had crossed paths at Florida State, they didn’t truly find each other until moving back home to Melbourne, Florida. Matt proposed to Kristina during the final walk through at their new home and then they renovated that house together during their engagement. So, with the home being so special we made an effort to spend just a little time there between ceremony and reception. It was so nice how the newlyweds had a chance to toast their marriage and just breath a little before the reception.

Matt and Kristina wanted a modern wedding, with a little flare.  After their ceremony at Suntree United Methodist Church, the art deco inspired reception was held at the Eau Gallie Yacht Club.  With a striking black, white and gold color pallet, tables were decorated with bold striped table runners, elegant gold plates and glamorous floral arrangements and topiaries by Eau Gallie Florist.

A beautiful day for a beautiful couple!

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Matt and Kristina, thank you so much for choosing Angel Gray Photography to capture these precious memories for you!

All the Details:

Suntree United Methodist Church

Transformations 2 Salon Stylist Michelle Meyer

Eau Gallie Florist Link Johnsten

Eau Gallie Yacht Club

Rent Your Events

Sophisticated Gents DJ 

Oleander Bakery

65 Productions Joe Kennedy Videographer

Elda’s Bridal

Jasmine Bridal 

Invitations by Renee