Crowne Plaza Wedding Indialantic FL } Micah and Laura!

It was really fun to get the email from Laura that she was looking for a photographer for her wedding. This was many months ago, but I still remember checking back to her email address and thinking… hey I know you!  As I wrote her back and asked, “Aren’t you Jeremy’s little sister?” I remembered the days I coached her cheer-leading squad when she was only in elementary school. How could she be getting married?  And then I quickly remembered how young I was when I was coaching that team so really we are hardly any different now… Right? Right.  Since Laura was living in Washington, we talked on the phone regarding her wedding plans and I met with her mom in person to go over things in the studio. I missed out on shooting the engagement session due to the distance but I met with Laura and Micah when they came into town before the wedding which helped us get reacquainted and for me to meet Micah (what a sweet guy!)

Laura’s wedding day went so smoothly and it was obvious everyone was having a really great time. Planning your time line is so important to enable you to relax on your wedding day and something I am happy to help my bride’s with if they are not using a wedding planner.  Laura was a beautiful bride and I always LOVE a groom in uniform. You just can’t go wrong there!

Laura prepared for the wedding at the Crown Plaza. Her hair was absolutely perfect – even complete with a ladybug!  Hair by Hair Lounge.

love the bridesmaids reactions here

this is me being clever.

i love him

this cracks me up

Okay so Micah is not taking his eyes off Laura… at all.

there were some fun exits…

I learned what “the bernie” is.


Thank God for the shade a hotel provides when otherwise we would all melt and go blind.

Love Latin Lou of DJ Shane Productions. My fave dj’s.

In addition to the “bernie” I learned about “shake face.” Apparently I am behind on these things. And just look at today’s youth… too many video games?

Top Gun style

Micah got all the guys these really thoughtful cuff links. They all had a different set. So cool.

See? Good times. Watch the slideshow!

Micah and Laura, thank you for your service to our country.  It was a pleasure being your photographer and I wish you the very best!

The other wedding vendors were:

Creative Cakes and Candies

DJ Latin Lou of DJ Shane Productions (loved him)

Crown Plaza Hotel

Up next on the blog… April and Lou and the most beautiful backyard wedding ever!

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