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Yay for part two of Sarah and Derek’s beautiful destination wedding weekend in Vero Beach Florida!  Almost all of the story, descriptions and links are found here in part one so be sure to go back and read that if you haven’t seen it yet! Part one covers all the pre-wedding festivities, parties, outings and details. So fun!  The wedding day, as you’ll see below, was fabulous and perfect. The schedule was well thought out and I never noticed Sarah or Derek feeling rushed. I wanted a little extra help for this one so my brother offered to come up and give me a hand; it was so fun having him there!

Sarah got ready in the penthouse suite at the Costa d’Este (gorge!) When it was time to go to the church there was a full size charter bus waiting to get the bridal party and taxi them from place to place for the rest of the night!

These were posted in color yesterday from the bridal session but I wanted to add the black and white versions here because I love the classic feel of these which is complimented I believe by a black and white edit.

Derek gave Sarah these earrings as a wedding gift. She told me not to forget to photograph her gift to him when I got to the guys room.  Then she laughed and said, “Just kidding, I didn’t get him anything, we agreed no gifts!”

I loved the enthusiasm that went into putting this dress on.  Sarah had such joy in the moment.

How cute is this guy right?

Seriously Derek is so the cover of Forbes.

This is Sarah arriving to the bridal suite at the church… Do you get the idea she was ready to get married?

Photographers: how cool is it when you are shooting the processional and all the lights in the church go out? Oh yes.

Note to self: keep the flash on the camera during the ceremony even if the church said you can’t use it. Thanks Devon for getting me what I needed fast!

I love dads. I can’t help the thing I have for dads – it must be because I’ve been blessed with a good one!  Sarah’s dad is awesome too. I wrote yesterday about Sarah and Derek’s family and how wonderful they all are. I want to adopt them! I’ve decided I’ll just arrange marriage somehow between my children and theirs. Does that sound too stalkerish? Geez people used to do it all the time it can’t be that bad.

Seriously how cute are they? The light on the bus was so beautiful (yes I just said that) I could have shot in there all day.

Okay ladies, from what I understand Sarah’s sweet brother is an eligible bachelor, you should really snatch him up.

Dear Sarah and Derek, we should do this again some time. You are so fun to work with and so gorgeous. You better bring those babies down to Florida one day. After you have some and all.

Seriously Sarah you have some fierce collar bones.

The reception at the Moorings was a blast thanks to the wonderful staff there, the incredible food and the seriously rockin band. No really, the best EVER. (Vendors at the bottom!)

There were dinner stations all over the room and in addition to cake the Moorings offered a beautiful ice cream bar. I told my brother/caddie to go sit down and grab a bite – when he came back he said this:

“I’m pretty sure they skipped choosing a menu and went with everything.”

City Lights – out of Miami.   Best. Ever.  The tambourines and Maracas were a hit as well… How cute is the new sash on Sarah’s dress?

Sarah’s dad gave a great speech to the couple -it was almost as good as his “pre-game” speech on the bus!

What a happy ending to a perfect weekend!

I couldn’t possibly be more thrilled to have captured these memories for Sarah and Derek…

Check out the vendors at the bottom and Watch the Slideshow – FULL SCREEN!

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