Lightner Museum Wedding – Chris and Jennifer

Lightner Museum Wedding
I photographed Chris and Jennifer’s destination wedding last weekend in St. Augustine, FL. It was so much fun for me since I lived there and went to college there and moved away in 2001. St. Augustine is a place my family loves to visit frequently so we all took the trip up together and they got to “play” on Saturday while I was “working.” Jennifer and Chris were married at the Lightner Museum and had their reception at the Columbia Restaurant. This is all in walking distance so we shot their “just married’s” around town while we walked to the reception. Jennifer was beautiful in her vintage inspired dress and accessories. The first few images here are designed as album spreads for my beautiful, custom designed, flush mount albums. They can also be purchased as 10×20 standouts. Catalog here. Enjoy the highlights! You can see Jennifer and Chris’s engagement shoot here.

Lightner Museum Wedding PicturesNothing better than wet pavement – I HEART WET PAVEMENT.

Lightner Museum Wedding PhotographerThis of the flower girls is precious to me. They had no idea I was shooting since I was way down the hall. Those are always the best!

Lightner Museum Wedding PhotosReception fun… I used to live just around the corner from the Columbia. Although as a college student I definitely wasn’t dining there very much! This sangria (made fresh at the table) looked soooo yummy I even asked the waiter if I could purchase a bottle to go. Apparently that is not something they do – bummer! Jennifer’s dad was singing to her while they danced. So sweet.

Lightner Museum Wedding

Lightner Museum Wedding St. AugustineSeriously you would not believe what it took to get this hallway clear of people, cleaning supply carts, etc. and then just between these two pics we had an unexpected guest… I should find those pics too funny!

Lightner Museum Wedding St. Augustine FLLightner Museum Wedding St. Augustine Floridafound it! the best part was when he asked me out, I tried to explain I was busy…

Lightner Museum St. Augustine
St. Augustine Wedding

St. Augustine Florida Wedding This is the side of a restaurant that my husband and I had our first “date date.” The Old City House. Good times. How gorgeous is this bridesmaid?

Lightner Museum Wedding St. Augustine
St. Augustine Wedding
LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Jennifer you are a pro in front of a camera!

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