Ania and Marcin all the way from Poland!

I photographed Ania and Marcin’s wedding (pronounced Mar-chin as I figured out all too late) while they were here all the way from Poland. Ania’s sister Gosia lives here and I think I could listen to either of them talk forever. Their voices and accents are beautiful! Ania and Marcin had a small, intimate ceremony at the Chart House. I loved how Ania’s brother in law married them and her sister translated to their parents the whole time. We met before the wedding to take pictures at the park and downtown. Marcin is I think actually Mr. Bean, but he tells me he is a photographer in Poland. He’s definitely Bean.

oops a repeat, but it’s worth repeating so I’m leaving it!

this makes me wish I had a sister growing up and that my dtr had one too!

this is the real thing people. and it is sweeeeet.

marcin: I’m sure, you sure?

I forgot to say how much I LOVED ania’s dress, the neckline especially and her beautiful broach. I’m sure I spelled that wrong. Her friends made the dress!! How cool is that?

silly mr. bean

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