Nathan’s Bar Mitzvah

I photographed Nathan’s Bar Mitzvah celebration last weekend at The Courtyard at the Oaks
in Melbourne, FL. First though, I had the pleasure of coming along to Temple and photographing some of the rights of passage for Nathan’s big day. I had visited a temple once before in college on an assignment for my world religions class. I was very impressed then, as I still am, at the focus on remembrance. I love the emphasis on what God has done for His people in the past which in turn brings hope for the future. I love that kids Nathan’s age are practicing an ancient language, not because it will be useful for communication purposes, but I imagine to connect with the origin of their faith. As a Christian I have treasured the studies I’ve done on the patriarchs we share with the Torah. I kind of wish we had more markers for kids growing up in the faith. Nathan’s celebration was rich with symbolism and the support of his family and friends. I started out with the first few images here being designed as album spreads and/or storyboard collage. As you can see in the first image above, Nathan’s dad was just beaming with pride for his son the whole time. Mom too, but I think the Bar Mitzvah is extra special to fathers and sons.

Oh my I am love with this wee one.

See. I told you.
What a cute family right? I think dad is from Morocco and mom from Canada but they’ve lived here in the Melbourne Area for a long time.
This is Courtyard at the Oaks and I’m not sure who did the arrangement but I know the Oaks provided the table settings and custom designed a Moroccan menu.
Do you remember middle school?
barbie, hand bag, pink shoes. check. sweet cheeks I want to pinch like an annoying aunt. double check.
this is the table chart. remember middle school now?
The first part of the event was outside on the patio, great set up with the bar and servers walking around with yummy hors d’oeuvres. Why do I have to google that every time I spell it?

if there is a sweet baby or toddler at your event, i will not be able to resist.
if you weren’t sure about the possibility of flying people leaving trails of pixie dust behind, you can rest assured now.

enthusiastic crowd. really fun. grandpa was a hoot too.
sweetest little sister ever giving her speech in support of her bro.
The dj’s were very familiar with Bar Mitzvah. Did a great job I thought with keeping the event moving from one thing to the next. But, just say no to the weird confetti looking lights. They were all over everybody on the dance floor like glowing lent. I even got a photo with a green one right under someone’s nose. No worries guests of Nathan, I deleted, but seriously.

They’re holding hands. I think it’s a duet.
love this one. these girls had a blast.

I learned that photographers can get crushed in what I believe might be the most ancient of all mosh pit traditions. Really cool dancing in circles, then circles moving in different directions, then in and out and poor Nathan just when he thinks he might sneak away there are more ladies ready to give him a twirl. I LOVE the hands.


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