Holidays… Gar-an-teeeed!

I couldn’t resist the used car salesman title! (And I can say that because my dad sells cars and I totally know about the GAR-AN-TEE.)

So, how cute are our round ornaments which double as holiday cards?  I’m getting a newsletter together and need to post the holiday info so that I can link to it in the newsletter -ha!

If you read baby Riley’s post back in July, you may feel like de ja vue right now but no worries, I am indeed repeating myself.

So here’s the lowdown!

  1. The holidays are coming – for real! I know it doesn’t seem like it (especially if you live in FL) but before you know it there will be a nip in the air and jingle bells all over the place.
  2. AGP is a small business.  Considering the amount of customer service and quality products we offer, Kristi and I have to limit how much I shoot (all year long) as well as how close to the holidays we will guarantee holiday order delivery.  As Thanksgiving approaches, we typically receive quite a few orders from sessions and weddings all throughout the year so we try very hard to make room for those as well as all the current orders.  On top of that we both like to have time off to spend with our families the week before Christmas and the week after. (I will shoot very limited sessions during that time, usually reserved for newborns who will be too big later and/or other sessions that can’t wait until the new year.)
  3. So here’s the deal. We will need your order by November 15th to guarantee holiday delivery. By holiday delivery we mean getting that order to you by December 18th so that you can mail it by the 19th.  If you are not mailing anything just let us know so we can prioritize postal service deadlines.  Please note: in order to get your order to us in time, you will need to have already shot your session! Also, you will need time to have seen your proofs, scheduled an ordering session and placed the order.  Therefore it seems to me that your session (if you haven’t had one already) would need to be on the calendar on or before November 8th.
  4. You don’t need to worry about booking a session in time for the “holiday order delivery guarantee” UNLESS you absolutely need printed artwork back before the holiday! As an alternative, if you book a session after Nov. 8th just make plans for your gifts and wrap up a frame with a cute message inside like : “A really awesome photograph will appear in this frame very soon!”  We could even provide you with the super cute insert if you ask. 🙂
  5. As for holiday cards we can get those to you quite quickly (we’ve already delivered quite a few of these already!)  If your cards are ordered By Dec. 1, you could have them back in time to mail.  Otherwise, no worries, consider New Year’s cards!!
  6. Wedding Album orders or any Storybook Albums will need to be ordered by September 15th for guaranteed delivery. The Nov.15th date does not apply to these items due to the design, design approval and/or revisions and actual production time/shipping involved.
  7. Lastly, where do things stand currently with the calendar? As of today, August 27th, AGP is booked until November 3rd. This leaves only 2 available sessions by November 8th. We do offer a cancellations list and have currently a few clients who have scheduled a session but also want to be notified if anything earlier pops up (which does happen.)  You do not need to book a session to be on the list but it is recommended if you want to be guaranteed photography services that you cover your bases. If we can give you something earlier we will just open up the later slot to someone else. Everyone’s happy 🙂
  8. Finally, I’m really hoping to whip up a little holiday party in the studio this year! We’ve got some very cute gifts for all of our 2011 clients cooking and Kristi and I think it would be super fun to give you these in person! Soooo, stay tuned to the facebook page for that announcement so you can mark your calendar!

That’s all the “business.”  Thanks for being awesome people, friends and clients… I am thrilled to be your chosen photographer!!

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