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Family Vacation Photography | St. Augustine Beach

Family vacation photography is a great way to capture memories while you’re all together in one place, without a lot of scheduling problems, and with the added bonus of remembering this special occasion! I have more and more families contacting me as they gather together in St. Augustine. First of all, I’m so impressed by extended families who manage to schedule a vacation together! Second, high five to whoever decided it was important to incorporate professional photography. You were right! Great job convincing everyone else, I know from personal experience that it’s not always easy.


This family group decided to schedule a simple session (30 minutes) which was perfect for a group of this size with all adults. Also, 30 minutes is so easy on everyone involved, even those who might not love getting in front of the camera! We met on St. Augustine Beach and had SUCH a gorgeous night. You guys, our beaches here are just crazy beautiful.


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