extended family portrait

Extended Family Portrait | Melbourne FL

Every year I start out with a handful of posts that I just couldn’t get on the blog before the end of December. The holidays always take me by surprise and leave the blog in the dust! So today I finally get to share an extended family session photographed just after Thanksgiving in Melbourne. I’m always impressed by the people who make this happen – the family member who coordinates a schedule, hires a photographer and helps to plan wardrobe. I’ve tried this with my own family and so far it’s been impossible, so way to go Kim, you did it!!

AGP15_Williams_-9 copy AGP15_Williams_-23 copy AGP15_Williams_-24 copy AGP15_Williams_-30 copy AGP15_Williams_-32 copy AGP15_Williams_-17 copy

My son came by, saw this one on my screen and awkwardly asked, “Mom, why are they all flipping you off?” So funny, I had to fill him that it was just a family joke. He was so relieved!
AGP15_Williams_-40 copy