Engagement Photography FL | Alex and Craig on Skis

Alex and Craig were on the blog yesterday with the first half of their engagement session but I just had to post this part of their session on it’s own!  You really should read that post first though (go now!) because it has all the info on these guys and how great they are and how awesome it is they’re getting married and how lucky I am to be their photographer! Their fabulous backyard wedding this March has me super excited after seeing how much FUN they have together and just what a happy couple they are! It just makes my job a dream, for real.

When I first met with Alex about wedding coverage we talked a little about their engagement session too and she mentioned the idea of doing something with their boat, maybe even on skis. I was like, YES and YES. I thought maybe it would be best to use regular skis rather than slalom so that we could really see their full outfits -including both legs… So these two pulled these skis out and made it happen. And it was like the choppiest day ever but Alex’s mom drove the boat perfectly (okay except the part where she nearly threw us all off but that was super fun so it’s totally cool — the throttle is a wee bit touchy–) and Alex and Craig did this in ONE TAKE.

People, they got up on these skis, carrying their props, having a blast and did it all in ONE take! Amazing. I was blown away and loved every second.

I feel like Alex brought her own creativity to this but still gave me total space to do my thing and shoot the story. We made a great team!

Oh and Craig agreed to it all. With a smile and sip of river water. WHATAGUY.


AGP14_Baer-67 copy AGP14_Baer-69 copy
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AGP14_Baer-71 copy

You guys. Your kids one day will be so amazed at how cool you are. They will marvel at these pictures and wonder if you might secretly be super heroes.

And then a few years later they will completely embarrassed by it. Good times.

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