Conquer Your Camera Scholarship Contest!

With the Conquer Your Camera Workshop full, I am excited to post the guidelines for the scholarship contest!  One person will receive a full scholarship to attend the class!  (note: the participant will still need to have with them a DSLR camera.)  Since some of the applicants could be friends of mine and just to make it all more interesting, I will be recruiting two other “judges” to review and help make the decision based on a scorecard for every applicant! 

The deadline for all Scholarship entries is January 20th and we will post the winner on Facebook by February 1!  To be clear on the class information please review the previous blog entry and read the linked newsletter.  We are now putting interested participants on a waiting list for this February workshop but also for information on the next one!  There’s always a good chance that someone can’t make it so make sure to get on the waiting list in case of cancellations! The scholarship winner will be announced via Facebook so make sure you are following the AGP Facebook Page!

Instructions to enter:

  1. Email to your picture and a written explanation (inside the email) for why you want to attend this workshop.  Your picture will appear on the AGP facebook page and the written portion could be published here on the blog if you win so keep that in mind. Length is up to you but no more than one “page” please. You will also be attaching a screen shot (see below.)
  2. Leave a comment on the AGP Facebook wall that you have sent your entry in the for the Conquer Your Camera Workshop Scholarship and include a link to your favorite blog entry by clicking on it’s title for the direct link.
  3. Put a link to on your own Facebook page with the comment that you have entered the Conquer Your Camera Workshop Scholarship contest.  Provide a screen shot to inside your official entry email.  If you don’t know how to capture a screen shot please Google “how to screen shot”.  It’s easy, but depends on what type of computer you are using.
  4. Your friend’s opinions could make a difference!  When your picture is uploaded to the Facebook album, be sure to tag yourself and ask your friends to comment under your picture!

We will start reviewing everything on January 21st!  Thanks for entering, it’s so exciting!

Since a blog entry is no fun without a picture, I’ll just give you a few examples below of “How hard it is for a photographer to capture her own children on camera.”  Please note that this was a spontaneous 15-minute long photoshoot.  I wish I had planned outfits or maybe brushed Mary’s hair, but I had the opportunity and I took it!

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