AGP Holiday Season 2014 | Get the Skinny

Fall is here and AGP is currently booking in January with a waiting list for earlier sessions! We like to make sure all of our fall clients know how things work with holiday deadlines since we do close for a good portion of December. So here’s the low down on the AGP Holiday Guarantee!

  • AGP is a small business. We strive to provide a great experience, quality artwork and lots of customer service. Keeping this a priority, we limit the number of available portrait sessions all year long. While it can be easy to overbook during the holidays, we make a promise to our clients and ourselves not to do that. This provides you the same great experience you would receive during every other season and makes it possible for us to deliver in plenty of time for you to get to the post office – and before we take time off to enjoy the season with our families.
  • To guarantee your order delivery by December 17th, you will need to have your session on the calendar before November 5th and your order finalized by November 12th.*  (*This guarantee does not apply to album orders. If you would like your album by December 17th, Session album orders need to be in by Nov.1 and Wedding albums submitted by October 1st. The Nov.12th date does not apply to these items due to the design and actual production time/shipping involved. It also does not apply to late orders of any kind.)
  • You don’t need to worry about booking a session in time for the holiday guarantee UNLESS you absolutely need printed artwork back before the holiday! If you book a later session, we can always design your cards for New Years and you can wrap up your framed gifts with a message inside like : “A really awesome photograph will appear in this frame very soon!” We can even provide you with the super cute insert if you ask.
  • If you only need holiday cards in time, we can have those designed, printed and delivered to you as long as we receive that order by November 21st and assuming custom design approval is prompt.

That’s all the “skinny” for today!  Thanks for being awesome people, friends and clients… We are so happy you’ve chosen Angel Gray Photography!