Ryals Girls and First Studio Mini Sessions!

So, I’m opening a new studio. It is beautiful and in one of the oldest buildings in Melbourne which I adore since I love old stuff. I actually have to hold myself back from you walking in and feeling like you accidentally got the antique store instead. Thankfully I have friends to help with all that decor stuff I am terrible at! Although I call it a studio, only one of the four rooms is really intended for use shooting. It is the size of a bedroom so the only kind of session I will be offering there is a “mini session” for one subject. Think babies (although newborns are still best at home,) children, quick senior shoot, headshots, etc. I LOVE that there is so much natural light coming in that I don’t need anything extra as far as flash goes. I also love not using a back drop but of course there are times that is appropriate as well. You may wonder why I have given you an example that includes 3 girls (didn’t I say ONE subject?) Well, the Ryals family decided to be my guinea pigs and actually attempted 3 mini sessions in a row, which I felt entitled them to a little group bonus. (Don’t try this at home, most children would have freaked out after 90 minutes in a confined space that is hardly childproof right now.) I loved this one so much and had to share it in the sneak peak so Leslie will know that if I don’t see this big in her house somewhere we can’t be friends anymore. Just kidding. But really.
The studio is coming along although I wish I could just stay there a week straight and get it ALL DONE. Only now my family is moving too (like next Friday?) so I have to press pause – darnnnn it. Lots in store for my fun new space though and of course a grand opening shin dig. Hung a TV last week for viewing your images on, getting the walls prepped for my new displays, wedding clients might even get a cocktail party as the kickoff to their online gallery – the most exciting part for me being the champaigne. Okay so enough said on that – more to come about the studio and the Ryals girls…

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