Florida Maternity and Newborn Photography } Nicole and Dennis are expecting!

I love these guys and I love sticking with my clients throughout all of life’s big moments!  You might remember Dennis and Nicole’s post wedding shoot.  Well they’ve moved on to the next big thing -a baby boy!  We had to postpone this shoot once due to weather and maternity is just one of those things you can’t postpone too long!   Thankfully our next attempt was a success despite the crazy amount of rain we’ve had lately!  One thing I do love about the rainy season is the weather just before the rain or right after.  Nevermind the stress involved with wondering how long we have until it comes down, it’s worth it in the end.   I wanted to give them a few highlights here and seriously how cute is Nicole?

My absolute fave here above. I am always more drawn to less traditional maternity shots. Like this one too.

these two i love also

Best wishes Nicole and Dennis for a healthy and happy delivery!!  (Happy comes afterward – just a thought from my own experience.)

Also, now that I’m thinking about my past experiences with labor, I have a few words of advice for Dennis…

Not a good idea to tell your wife to man up -even if you’re joking.

Or to pass out while she’s having an epidural, especially if you are the one bracing her body as she leans forward.

Or to come down with a 24 hr stomach flu while she’s in labor, then ask her if she minds if you go lay down since you don’t feel well. ahem.

Or to end up in the ER with stitches after cutting your head open in the hospital room the next morning.

Good thing Dana (my husband) had three tries.  He got parts of it right each time!

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