Young Life Family Camp | Carolina Point

Over spring break, Dana and I took the kids to a super fun “family camp” hosted by St. Augustine Young Life at Carolina Point (a Young Life property in NC.) I wanted to post the experience just for fun but also to spread the word about these wonderful retreats Young Life offers for families. Most of the time, a “camp” planned in the Fall or Spring will be driven by your local area. But, if you’re looking for a week long top-of-the-line version of this during the summer, you’ve got to check out Trail West in Colorado. We haven’t been there since the kids were small and Dana was on staff but oh my gosh, WHAT a week. We were blessed to spend a month there once on assignment and also attended two different weeks with families from Pinellas County. I really hope we’ll be able to do that again soon because the kids hardly remember it and now they’re old enough for the rafting!

We LOVED our time at Carolina Point! We had so much fun as a family and lots of good times with friends too. The kids would tell you they love the extra freedom they can have on the Young Life property, running around with friends, playing basketball or octoball, hanging out in the game room or snack bar. If you’re looking for something like this, contact your local area director (or the closest one to you!)

We started off our time with Davis’ birthday so we brought a few decorations and gifts. My baby can’t possibly be 8!??

AGP_1045 AGP_1049 AGP_1050 AGP_1055 AGP_1261 AGP16_YLFam_-51

Harness up, climb and jump. Davis had a tough time at the top but he was proud of himself afterward. Especially after some attention from the ladies at the bottom. His plan all along?

AGP_1200 AGP_1207 AGP16_YLFam_-52 AGP16_YLFam_-54 AGP_1264 AGP_1267 AGP_1273 AGP16_YLFam_-79 AGP16_YLFam_-80 AGP_1285 AGP_1287 AGP_1292 AGP_1300 AGP_1301 AGP_1309

Hoedown Night with a dance through the ages…

AGP16_YLFam_-81 AGP16_YLFam_-101 AGP16_YLFam_-122 AGP16_YLFam_-110

Fun team relays, mattress pass, egg toss, shovel pull…

AGP16_YLFam_-149 AGP16_YLFam_-194 AGP16_YLFam_-207 AGP16_YLFam_-234

This zip line was like nothing I’ve ever seen/done before. Just totally amazing. Logan and Max here on the last and shortest leg. The section before this is a half mile long!

AGP16_YLFam_-251 AGP16_YLFam_-253

After camp was over we spent another couple days in the mountains with our friends Ed and Beth and their boys. We found some cool trails with an old school house and church. Had to get some portraits in that beautiful light, despite the lack of polished outfits/hair/etc. I think I love them even more this way though. And that moment when Mary was “preaching” and Davis put his head down on the altar… priceless.

AGP_1649 AGP_1653 AGP_1657 AGP_1659 AGP_1666 AGP_1669 AGP_1672 AGP_1677 AGP_1682 AGP_1698 AGP_1701 AGP_1704 AGP_1716 AGP_1718 AGP_1729 AGP_1735 AGP_1750 AGP_1751 AGP_1754 AGP_1771 AGP_1775 AGP_1777