Oh the irony…

I bought a bottle of “Mad Housewife” wine at Publix yesterday because I loved the label and wanted to bring it along to my friend’s wedding shower this weekend. As I unloaded the groceries from the car, the bottle was in a plastic bag with 2 boxes of cereal (I didn’t have my reusable’s with me so I probably deserved this.) I lifted it up and all at once saw this big hole in the bottom of the bag and the wine slip right through crashing on my driveway. It was frustrating to say the least after an already difficult morning shopping with little Davis, picking up Mary late at school, then to deal with broken glass and red wine all over my drive. Icing on the cake. But it actually was, as I looked down at the bottle and the pieces and the label, I had to grab my camera. I didn’t touch any of it, the composition was perfect! I only wish the wine hadn’t soaked into the concrete so fast!
I still haven’t decided whether to complain to Publix about the hole in my bag (shouldn’t wine go in paper?) without it I would never have gotten this shot! Besides, I do love Publix. There is a special place in my heart for that grocery store and all its happy, helpful, cookie offering, cart unloading employees!

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