Just the Boys (almost)

Well I’ve been feeling a tad guilty about posting all those dance recital pics and then leaving my boys out completely! So, here I am staying at my parents for the night with just my family photos with me on the lap top so I’m going to make up for my omission! My two boys are 5 years apart and just ADORE each other, it is soooo sweet. (I won’t mention the contrasting feelings going on between my daughter and her baby brother!) We are going into our 3rd week of summer and it has been a little crazy. The first week Elizabeth was sick (more on her later!) and so I was on my own with all three monkeys and work. Did I mention our baby now has these amazing “go go gadget” arms which can empty any drawer or cabinet in mere seconds? He can empty an entire kitchen cabinet and have the garbage can full of whatever he liked the best while raiding the refrigerator all at the same time. The second week of summer my husband was out of town and so even with the help of Elizabeth it was insane! I can’t get enough editing/orders/galleries done during the day so I work late at night. I don’t mind, its easier to focus in the quiet and I get to enjoy some time with the kiddos during the day. However, if you run into me at Target and I look sleep deprived, you’ll know why. Two things I love right now are “So You Think You Can Dance” best show ever on TV and reason enough to stay up another hour and watch it on my DVR (Don’t comment on the show I’m not caught up!), and Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. I had a good one today. One thing that drives me crazy is how they are always different. How hard would it be to streamline the cream and sugar measurements? PLEASE I beg you DD, because its so disappointing when cream and sugar comes out looking like milk with coffe or tasting like syrup. Random, but without further adieu…

On to my boys, updates below!!!

Davis at his 1y/o birthday party!

Logan graduates Kindergarten!

Easter portrait… they never got to wear the cute outfits to church on Easter because we had to stay home due to a crazy stomach bug which took over our house!

Trip to Young Life’s “Southwind” for a family retreat in April. This swing is scary for an adult so I was surprised when Mary insisted she go with her friend Polly. Despite the look of absolute terror on her face here, she was asking to go again when it was over!

Logan starts his climb (Southwind)

jumps and…

He’s superman.

I must explain here the best part of Tball. There is this thing that happens when a player tries to score at home base. Assuming the catcher has the ball, a game of tag ensues with the catcher chasing the runner all over the place. See Logan approach home base and the catcher…

and he keeps going, determined to touch home base, and get away from the catcher.
This can go on for a while.

Yeah that’s right he’s throwing from his knees, destined for the pros.

my drama king

he hits it…

makes it to first…


Total wipe out! The other player tripped him! Maybe strange that I was taking pictures instead of rushing to his side but I’m sure he’ll enjoy these someday!

now that’s a handsome boy – he’s got me all figured out

Mother’s Day…
“smile for the camera, stop choking your brother, no he’s not trying to pull your hair….”

Davis eats like a horse and every time his plate gets empty he loves to pick it up and stare at me through it! I love this! Then he screams and throws it down if he doesn’t get more food soon. Not loving that part.

Ah, introducing Elizabeth. She is the first employee of Angel Gray Photography! She watches the kids while I’m editing, does housework, administrative work for the business, those nice boxes your orders arrived in… Elizabeth. Folders and wedding binders… Elizabeth. Cantaloupe I bought but never cut up… now in perfect bite size pieces in the fridge. Here she is making a cupcake with Mary using the special cupcake maker which produces ONE cupcake at a time. Seriously? Sorry for throwing you under the bus there Elizabeth but I can’t take that thing. Btw, Elizabeth goes back to college in the fall and I’ll need a replacement before it all comes crashing down… know anyone who can fill her shoes?

My little climber. He has a love for small places. He loves to get into a hole or a box. Here he is in the bookcase after clearing out just enough books so he would fit. I saw him try to crawl into a wipes container yesterday, so funny! Oh and he took a few steps today again! He might walk before he’s 15 months!

Logan is a major reader now. We’ve checked out over 20 books from the library in the last two weeks and he can’t get enough. Its partly because he likes reading and partly because he’s a little compulsive and thinks he’s just got to finish them all. (Yeah, that my genes for sure, so sad.) His favorite right now is “Nate the Great” chapter books. He’s also reading one about St. Augustine, getting ready for our vacation there next month. Its cute when Mary listens; he doesn’t know how to read silently yet.

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