Back from Vacation

We got home last night from our little family vacation to St. Augustine! It is still our favorite Florida location since we moved away from there 8 years ago! We had a great time with friends at the beach, downtown, playing putt putt, eating out, etc… Lots of fun family time using our new pop-up trailer at Anastasia State Park too. We were due to be back Thursday night but while Dana was hooking the trailer to our hitch on Thursday he had an unfortunate accident which landed him in the ER and in surgery that night to repair his right ring finger which was missing the top portion. (Nope I did not photograph that.) He is okay now, has a cast for 2 weeks while the finger is being grafted to new skin from his palm. The doc says it should look much like his other fingers when its all done so that’s great and we are just so so thankful for the many ways we were spared this being any worse AND for our awesome friends the Carters and the Purtills up there who swooped in to take care of our kids, provide us a place to stay the last night and one of them even arrived on the scene since he was the paramedic on duty – Ed’s our hero! My brother and cousin drove all the way up to tow our trailor home so I wouldn’t have that challenge myself -thanks guys! So, with that said, I am shooting a wedding today for Elizabeth and Yianni and will be catching up your blog entries, galleries and any orders coming due throughout the week. With Dana one-handed for now, things are little extra challenging at home as we typically share childcare and house work, but right now he is actually loading the dishwasher left handed so yay for my husband! I don’t think he’ll be doing any one-handed diaper changing but I suppose I’ll let that one slide.

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