Melissa and Eric Expecting | Melbourne Maternity Photography

I got together with Melissa and Eric last week to capture these sweet memories of pregnancy before their twins are born! First of all, I couldn’t believe it has been 5 years since I photographed their wedding day (whoa time flies.) Second, I cannot EVEN imagine what it’s like to feel two babies in your belly! That’s 8 limbs kicking and pushing! I’m so excited for this little growing family…

P.S. I’ve been blog-absent for the last week as I’ve been working overtime trying to get all the holiday orders finished and on their way here from the lab.  As things slow down I’m looking forward to posting highlights from my last few shoots of the year along with a few weddings that I just haven’t gotten up on the blog yet! Also, did you know AGP is closed December 17-January 7? I try to shut things down every year in order to focus on my family during Christmas,  rest and recuperate from the busy Fall season, then set some goals and start the new year fresh and ready to go.  (I’ll still answer emails a few times a week and post here now and then.) Thanks for your understanding during this time!

Oh I should have mentioned Melissa and Eric brought along their first baby, Sully. What a lovable guy!


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