Maternity Photography Melbourne FL } John and Jacqui!

I shot John and Jacqui’s maternity session last week and they are scheduled to have their baby this week so I’ll be photographing their precious newborn on Thursday!  I love love loved their clothing choices plus they were a really fun couple to hang out with! Thank goodness for people who love Zoolander as much as I do!

Jacqui looked sooo beautiful. I hope these images will not only capture precious memories for the couple but I hope one day they will be a source of joy for the whole family. I know my kids are fascinated by seeing pictures of mommy’s baby belly.  I am less than fascinated bc I did not look nearly as good as Jacqui! Not that it matters. I know, it’s about the memories. I’m working on it.

I saved the best for last, love these two, my favorites!

Congrats John and Jacqui, see you soon!

P.S. If you are expecting and hoping to have maternity and/or newborn photos scheduled, please contact AGP as soon as you possibly can.  We should plan for the maternity around 33 weeks and the newborn session while your baby is less than 2 weeks old but the calendar books out at least 2-3 weeks all year long and occasionally (like now) it is booked 2 months out!  So, plan ahead, it’s worth it!  If you are just now deciding to book something and you’ve already delivered, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do. At the very least we’ll get you in as soon as we can. 🙂

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