Maternity Photography Melbourne | Courtney and Nate

When I posted the sneak peek of this session to Facebook I commented about how sometimes my clients are put on bed rest before the maternity session. It does happen occasionally and during that time of rest everything just has to stop. Everything is put on hold. But sometimes if the doctor’s order is lifted (usually around 36 weeks) we are able to fit into the schedule a maternity session before the little one makes his/her appearance.  It’s really a blessing to be able to capture these memories during such a short window of opportunity. As far as I know these guys have not yet gone into labor but any day now a miracle will come into the world and their lives will change forever. It will be harder in some ways but it will also be better and it will be obvious that this little person always had a place in the family, just yet to arrive until now.

Congratulations Courtney and Nate, see you soon for the newborn portraits!