Family Maternity Photography | Melbourne

I’ve had the pleasure of working with this family since the first bun was in the oven. It’s always such a privilege to watch as life unfolds and to be able to capture the growth of a family. With a second child, everyone is “expecting,” even if the younger sibling isn’t quite sure yet what that means! Our second was born 18months after our first so this shoot reminded me of how small Logan was when we brought Mary home. Sweet memories — and completely shocking that he is now almost 13. It’s true what they say about things that happen when you blink. 🙂

AGP_1945 AGP16_McBride--18 AGP_1955 AGP_1973 AGP_2084 AGP_1822 AGP_2115 AGP16_McBride--36 AGP16_McBride--38