Maternity Photographer – Brevard County

I met Chris and Mandy to be their maternity photographer last week. We started at their home and finished at Gleason Park in Brevard County. When Mandy called me and told me her last name I knew she had to be Chris’s wife! I have known Chris since he was little (and me too.) He is my little brother’s age and my family used to hang with his when we were all small, then he and Devon went through school together and his sister Andrea graduated with me (just yesterday really. not really. but maybe if you believe me we can just go with that.) I actually ran into him at the bowling alley last summer. Our lanes were right next to each other. It was my kids first time ever bowling. We were all very lucky to get through it without an injury -including Chris. Logan, my oldest and my perfectionist, was freaking out when he didn’t knock down enough pins. Thank God for the bumpers. My dtr was better at throwing the ball rather than rolling it and little Davis was running wild like the animal he is. Now picture Chris and his buddies trying their best to have guy time. Poor Chris and his buddies.

So, he told me then that they were expecting and now months later it was really fun to meet Mandy and get to capture this special time for them. There really is nothing like the expectancy of your first child. Their nursery is beautiful and all set. Mandy looks gorgeous and Chris has the new dad nervous excitement thing going. I love the series I put up top but there are a few others competing for my favorite!

Maternity Photographer Brevard County Florida

Maternity Photographer Brevard County FlThis is just hysterical. Poor pup. I hate to break it to you but it is all down hill for you now. Relish your last moments as the baby…

Maternity Photographer Brevard County I have a love-hate relationship with this one. I love Mandy’s beautiful face and yellow bench and the composition. I hate the thought of laying upside down as a pregnant woman and I start to feel my stomach in my throat when I look at this. She wasn’t really tilted, the camera is. I wouldn’t do that to her. It was bad enough to ask her to lay flat on her back! (I’m gasping for air just thinking about it.) She looks great though right.

Maternity Photography Brevard County Floridasuper tan belly. I never did achieve this myself.

Maternity Photographer I love how Chris has to bend over to kiss her cheek -this is another fave for me.

Maternity Photosand this one.

Maternity PhotosBrevard County Floridathey got married right here.

oh yeah this one too.

Maternity Photographs
Maternity Photographs Brevard County Florida

Maternity Photographer Brevard County Floridathis one’s hot.

stay tuned for newborn!

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