Legacy Project

It’s not easy to describe the Family Legacy Project. You really have to see it: the movie, the album, the artwork – all of it. But I’d love to share with you where it came from and why it is so personal to me.

I remember sitting on the floor with my brother, tape recorder and microphone in hand, preparing our next “letter” to Grandma. We would tell her jokes, sing silly songs and give updates on the latest family happenings. Then mom would send the cassette to Georgia and we would eagerly await Grandma’s recorded reply. I still have those tapes; thankfully my husband converted all of them to CD so we can still listen, laugh and enjoy. Hearing my brother and I as children is priceless, our small voices and carefree lives frozen in time. Listening to my grandmother’s voice also holds special value, bringing me right back to how it felt when she would rock me in her chair, humming me to sleep with her voice and the sound of creaking springs.

A few years ago my mother-in-law sent my son a big stuffed bear for Christmas. The bear wears a NY jets t-shirt and when you squeeze his hand you can hear her voice: “Hi, Logan, it’s Mom-Mom-York and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. I love you!” Later the next year, she died unexpectedly at only 62. It was of course a difficult loss and while it has been almost three years now, I still walk by his room sometimes and hear her voice wishing him a Merry Christmas. I hope it will help preserve his memories of her forever. The bear is special to all of us now because when you hear someone’s voice it’s like you have them right there with you.

These are just two examples of a handful of times in my life when hearing a recorded voice has held significant value. Obviously photography is my passion. I love to tell stories as I capture visual elements in time – all the small and great memories. I hope that my photography, although silent, speaks volumes. It’s quite real to me though that there are times when you want more than still photographs or home videos. There is something significant about voice and what people have to say.

So, I started imaging the Legacy Project. Ideas began to take form combining my love for photography with my desire to preserve the voice of a family. I put some plans in writing, found a great videographer and began brainstorming interview questions until it was time for the first Legacy session. The result was everything I had dreamed it would be! My wish is that as the Legacy Project continues, there will be many more families thrilled with the outcome and drawn together by the experience.

The Details

The Legacy Project from Angel Gray on Vimeo.

This multimedia masterpiece incorporates a professional photographer, videographer and graphic designer. It is optimal but not required that the family include multiple generations and that the shoot takes place in and around a family home.

Once you’ve booked your Legacy session, we’ll schedule a consultation time to get to know you and tailor the whole project to your family. We’ll also provide all the help you need determining location and clothing choices. On the day of the shoot we’ll be together for about 3 hours, which will be divided into time for private interviews as well as formal and informal photography and videography.

After the footage is collected, your film goes into production as well as your storybook album and printed artwork. Your images will be available online for viewing as well. When we have everything ready, you’ll be invited to the studio for the release party – a warm gathering and opportunity to see your Legacy Project for the first time on the big screen.

Due to the unique nature of the Legacy Project, we are only accepting one family per month at this time. Please keep this in mind as you plan ahead and reserve your session. The AGP team is available for travel worldwide. Please contact us for complete pricing and booking information.

The Legacy Project }Reviews from Angel Gray on Vimeo.

leg-a-cy / pronounced [leg-uh-see] / noun
anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor