Send me to WPPI please!

So there is this blog I love, Tofurious, and he is giving away some passes to WPPI. I want to go! I am humbling myself, begging, even using my children for help. (They were happy to be a part of this effort and besides, who wouldn’t want to spend a week at grandma’s? All the gum you can chew, endless bowls of sugar cereal for breakfast… not to mention Logan’s favorite “monster truck show on demand”. Look at them, they are ready to pack their bags.) So, Tofurious, here’s the deal. I’ve never been to WPPI because between my business and my husband’s work and our family, it just hasn’t been high enough on the list of priorities. Now, more than ever, it is hard to budget those things in. My husband does awesome work running a non-profit organization in our county but has had to cut his salary to keep everything afloat the past couple years. We are totally committed to his work here with Young Life so to make ends meet my income matters even more than ever to our family — not a lot of room for trips to Vegas! Not only would the trip be great for my business, but I want to bring my handsome business partner along and make it a great time together too (no kids!) Running a business and a non-profit and raising a family requires more hours than we’re given each day – Tofurious we want to go to Vegas please pick Angel Gray Photography for the WPPI Tickets!!! Please send the “congratulations, you won!” email to:
Thanks! P.S. we are also dying to get our hands on your photobooth software and add that to our offerings here!

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