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Hi everyone! This is Kristi… AGP guest blogger! I’ve had fun working with many of you on your custom-designed cards and albums and can’t wait to meet even more AGP clients in the future. For more about me and my work with AGP you can read this post.

So to start off let me just put this out there…. I don’t normally blog. Don’t get me wrong, I read other people’s blogs (especially AGP’s) but I haven’t gained the title of “blogger” until today. Needless to say, this is my first.  (And as crazy as it sounds, I am just a tiny bit nervous!)

So why start here, right? (After all Angel is the only person that has ever posted on the AGP blog.) Well, since I started working with her we’ve talked about so many things we want to do to expand services to AGP clients. This is simply one of them! Not a huge change, but a different angle once in a while and different topics sprinkled in between Angel’s regular posts. I mean, who wouldn’t want dressing tips for a family session or an example of a perfect wedding day timeline?

I thought a lot about what I wanted to say in this first blog entry. Like all of you, I read the AGP blog only as new entries are published. And they are always great, right?  Angel does an awesome job of highlighting her images. She finds a way to tell each individual story she captures and her personality totally shines through in each new entry. That is all good…. but what she hasn’t done is highlight her many accomplishments! When I recently came across the amount of published work by AGP, I was amazed! Then, I find out she also placed first in the Alter Ego Exhibit at the Brevard Art Museum. (More to come on that in another post.)

When I asked why she had never done a blog entry on any of this, she said these kinds of posts don’t come as easily for her. OK, so I get it. She doesn’t want to toot her own horn, right? So, for my first blog entry ever… I’m here to toot!

Check out all these publications and then sound off and tell Angel congrats! (And remind her that sometimes tooting your own horn is quite OK.)

Way to go Angel! You really are so talented at what you do!

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