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I truly benefited from your class. I knew I’d sign up for one eventually, but boy am I happy it was sooner rather than later. I can’t wait to start putting my new skills to some good use. I’m getting ready to bust out my notes and go over them just to make sure they sink in a little more.  I never really thought about the PROCESS of TAKING the picture. I just kind of figured you used some kind of magic or something.   JOB WELL DONE, ANGEL GRAY…job well done. –Gina

I forgot to comment on the ultra-generous raffles and really great book.  It was definitely all more than expected and extremely worthwhile! You were extremely organized and poised and it was not at all apparent that this was your first CYC workshop.  Thanks for the great experience! –Alyson

I thought the workshop was great!  Now I feel I can go out with the knowledge I learned and use it (and hopefully get better as time goes on)!! –Lisa

More reviews below taken from our anonymous comment cards handed out after the workshop:

The info was not too much or too little, I feel like I can take what I learned and take better photos.

The class went smoothly and flew by.

You demystified all the features. I am better able to understand the camera.  You helped make the process simpler.

Now I know how to work my camera and why it does what it does!

I loved everything, very informative, makes me want to go out and take pics everywhere. Nice balance of info and practice.

Your analogies and sharing of your personal preferences really helped.

The basic explanations of ISO, aperture and shutter speed were the most helpful. I have tried many books but this class was the easiest to learn.

The practice was really helpful and helped me understand what you were teaching.

Most helpful was EVERYTHING. I learned so much about not only my camera but just looking at everything differently when shooting my pictures.

I just wanted to thank you for an awesome class you gave over the weekend. I really enjoyed it so much. You did a great job with explaining everything. If you ever have another class, maybe an intermediate class, please email me.

Purely for fun, the comment card had one multiple choice question “Was this workshop…”

(a) better than a kick in the butt  (b) better than washing dishes (c) better than your wildest dreams

11 out of 15 surveyed chose (c) better than your wildest dreams!!   Wow, I am flattered.  And as a side note you guys might need to spice up those dreams! 🙂


Please reference the Conquer Your Camera Official Page for information on the exact dates and times of the next class.

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