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I’m excited to share a few posts this weekend including a small beach wedding coming up next!  We spent the morning at the Satellite Beach Seahawks football opening day event and it was at least a zillion degrees outside. This is the time of year I skip the “Oh don’t you wish you lived in FL like me” references since it really does feel a lot like a sauna and no one wants to live in a sauna. So we just jump in the pool several times a day to cool off – it works like a charm, especially after August photo shoots.

My main reason for this entry today is to announce the AGP feature on the “All the Photographer’s” Blog!  This blog highlights photographers from all over the world so I was super honored to be chosen!  On top of that we received some very fun news from The Knot Florida which I’ll share later on after it is published (hint.)

So… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ANGEL GRAY PHOTOGRAPHY FEATURE AT ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHERS , leave a comment there for pete’s sake and read on below for some randomness.

So, school starts next week. Do I hear an amen? Yes we all love our kids and the change of pace in the summer but for those of us working moms and I’m guessing most of the SAH moms, the first day of school can feel a little bit like the moment the anesthesiologist walks in the room during labor.  Yes you are glad to be having your baby but the joy that came with the onset of labor has given way to some intense pain, causing you to do things like grab your nurse by the collar and demand the doctor with the large needle. (Alright so summer isn’t THAT bad.)  So he/she walks into the room with that glow around them, an angel, a messenger from God bearing the gift of relief.  Not long afterward you’re enjoying a popsicle laughing in the face of your latest contraction on the monitor. I think I’ve lost the analogy somewhere, but you get my point right? We all get along much better after the epidural.

Last week was a complete blur, one of those weeks when Monday is different than usual, then Tuesday is way different than usual and well you get the picture…  By the time it was Friday I didn’t even know what happened!  I spent Monday shooting over at the College of Medicine (UCF) for the white coat ceremony and stopping by Ikea for our new platform bed. Except you can’t just stop by Ikea. I took Tuesday off for family day which consisted of a trip to the zoo, Chic-Filet, bowling, Cold Stone for dinner and a 3D movie with my special popcorn at home in the evening.  Wednesday I shot a newborn session and hosted my mom’s birthday complete with a new chocolate cake recipe from Pioneer Woman.  I came back to work on Thursday to a long list of emails and phone calls and a fun but hot maternity shoot that evening!  In the midst of it all, with back-to-school there’s been shopping, haircuts, filling out of forms and searching for some missing vaccination records (seriously!) Needless to say not the most productive of weeks in regards to order completion, etc. I did still manage to deliver a few orders yesterday though and I’ve got more of those along with galleries etc. on the horizon!  Praise the Lord for coffee.  Side note: I also received our new King mattress in the mail (yes the semi truck version of the mail) all the way from this amazing mattress company. Completely free of all chemicals and other unknowns, we are super thrilled with the cozyness!  It is seriously straight off the farm though, I swear it even smells a little like sheep so I’m assuming that will go away.  Dana says I am officially a hippie but I’m totally not. Real hippie’s wouldn’t even want to be friends with me because I love shopping, makeup and shaving.

Happy weekend and happy back to school!

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