Conquer Your Camera | Alumni Challenge ONE Voting!

Thanks so much to everyone who sent images in for the first ever CYC Alumni Challenge! I’m super happy that you all participated and so enthusiastically too!  I know it can be difficult to put something creative out there so I hope you’re very proud of yourselves for doing that and if you hesitated to join the challenge this time please consider sending something in for the next one. It is truly all about the many benefits found in the process and such a great way to practice the skills you’ve learned.

I was totally blown away by the submissions and DEFINITELY had a hard time choosing finalists – woo hoo CYC alumni!!!  I ended up choosing six finals and very very happy I don’t have to choose the winner! When I picked these images, I looked closely at these things:

THEME     EXPOSURE      FOCUS      COMPOSITION     CREATIVITY    GUIDELINES  (as explained in the How-To-Enter section)

Here’s a quick reminder for the “WHY” behind this Challenge:

1.  Practice you might not do without an incentive! Use information you have learned but need to IMPLEMENT in order to KEEP.

2.  Get those creative juices flowing! Getting out of the norm is AWESOME for releasing creative energy. Even if the challenge theme doesn’t float your boat – DOITANYWAY.

3.  Learn from each other! I will choose finalists from the entries, then we will open up to voting HERE ON THE BLOG – anyone can vote including non-CYC!  (We will not vote on Facebook but I’ll give you reminders there, etc.) Once we have a winner (HECK YEAH THERE WILL BE A PRIZE,) that winner will also have a featured blog entry showing the settings they used, lens choice, description of the setting, etc. And we all learn (even non-alum.) Everyone is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

SO HERE’S HOW YOU VOTE (it’s super easy!)

Comment below explaining which image you are voting for. Please use the designated number to describe the image. Feel free to say why you are choosing that image. You do not have to post this comment to Facebook.

Only vote once per person, anyone can vote. Kind words only please.

We will accept votes through Wednesday May 29th at midnight and will announce the winner of the $50 B&H Gift Card the next morning! Soon after this we’ll publish a post here from the photographer with the winning image including back story and technical aspects.

Please email with any questions. For information on our next Conquer Your Camera Workshop click here.



1 boys

2 eagle

3 Italy

4 ocean

5 parking lot

6 flowers

Good luck to everyone and to all the entries not shown here – you are all awesome!

 UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS TO IMAGE “3 ITALY” !! A very close race between this and and 4 Ocean but with all the images receiving votes!  I absolutely loved reading the comments and just everyone experiencing beauty together through these shots —thank you so much if you voted and commented! I really can’t wait to do it again. Watch for the next Conquer Your Camera Alumni Challange! Next on the blog a post from the photographer who captured the winning shot!