Senior Portraits Melbourne FL | Meredith Class of 2015

I love senior portraits and Meredith was a pleasure to photograph! She has received a FULL gymnastics scholarship to Illinois State so we started off with some college spirit even though she’s just begun her senior year in high school! That’s pretty amazing and I wish Meredith all the very best as she moves into this exciting time!


AGP14_Meredith-4 copy AGP14_Meredith-16 copy AGP14_Meredith-21 copy AGP14_Meredith-22 copy AGP14_Meredith-26 copy AGP14_Meredith-28 copy AGP14_Meredith-33 copy AGP14_Meredith-38 copy AGP14_Meredith-39 copy AGP14_Meredith-45 copy AGP14_Meredith-49 copy AGP14_Meredith-56 copy AGP14_Meredith-58 copy AGP14_Meredith-62 copy AGP14_Meredith-63 copy AGP14_Meredith-64 copy AGP14_Meredith-66 copy