Senior Portrait Sessions | Who, What, WEAR, When and Why

Hi all, it’s Kristi here! With summer winding down (really, already?) and the preparation for another school year about to begin I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about high school seniors. It is no secret that AGP loves seniors!

While the “traditional” senior portrait is such an important milestone in itself (and really mandatory since it goes in the yearbook, right?) I’m going to explain the WHO, WHAT, WEAR, WHEN and especially the WHY of the individual, modern Senior Portrait Session with Angel Gray Photography.  So for all the upcoming graduates out there – this ones for you!


WHO: The high school senior, of course! The very person who has worked so hard to get to this point academically and who has blossomed so much individually. More specifically, the girl or guy interested in a more modern experience for senior portraits.


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WHAT:  The chance to celebrate and capture, not only the last year of high school, but so much more.  Senior portraits offer the opportunity to reflect on years of personal growth, lessons learned, amazing effort and outstanding achievement. The resulting images applaud the person you have become and document who you are RIGHT now, including what makes you so very special.


Senior 3


WEAR: Senior sessions allow for a lot of fun with fashion! Bright colors, bold statements, awesome accessories, individual style… whatever helps your personality shine.


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WHEN: Schedule now- July through September is the perfect time! While anytime during the senior year is appropriate, a session scheduled sooner rather than later is really best. Think of all the cool ways you could use the images if we have enough time: custom-designed graduation announcements, a unique guest book for the graduation party, a canvas for the wall to enjoy before heading off to college…  So many options with the right amount of time!


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(Most importantly) WHY:  Quite simply, because senior year is amazing. It’s the end of one very long journey and the beginning of another. With a roller coaster of emotions for both family and graduate: happy to finish, sad it’s over, excited for the future, nervous about the next step; the senior year is a season in life that is worth celebrating, cherishing and of course, remembering.


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BIG congrats to the Class of 2014. May you have a wonderful year full of best friends, good times, lots of smiles, tons of laughter, a manageable amount of homework and the best memories.


High school seniors – are you booking a session? If so, check out these Session Sanity tips just for you!

  • Pick clothes that reflect who you are. This is your chance to highlight your personality, your style and your individuality. We’ll send you lots of tips to think about as you plan an outfit or three…
  • Plan two or three outfits with easy ways to change each one up (layers/shoes/accessories.) This provides enough variety in the images to keep it fun, but not too much that it’s overwhelming when ordering time comes. Plus, any more than that and you’ll find yourself spending half your session changing.
  • Sometimes seniors choose to have hair and makeup done professionally. This definitely adds polish to your look, just make sure that the end result is “you on your best day” so that your images will still reflect your true self.
  • Location choices! Let’s talk about the best options for your personality as well as the importance of matching your fashion to your location (or purposefully contrasting them!)
  • Bring whatever props that might show off your personality/talents. We’ve taken pictures of seniors with guitars, surfboards, flowers and pom-poms just to name a few.
  • Consider bringing a helper. Whether it’s your mom, dad, sister or friend, it’s nice to have someone there for you during the shoot. Not only can they have your lipstick ready to go and help you change quickly, they will more than likely make you feel more at ease as well. And if you want, we can even capture a few shots of you together!
  • Think ahead about how you might like to display and preserve your photos. If you want a certain type of image for a graduation announcement or have an idea for a wall portrait, make sure you communicate that with Angel before the session. She’s open to ideas, loves client involvement and wants to make sure she’s on the same page if you have something specific in mind.
  • Finally, good pictures come to those who have fun. Relax, smile, laugh and enjoy the session!


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